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Conference Art, Knowledge, and Art-Mediation

On 5.-7. August 2022, the conference Art, Knowledge, and Art-Mediation, Interdisciplinary Conference, documenta fifteen, Kassel by Jelena Toopeekoff & Jochen Briesen, ruru Haus Kassel. On Sunday 10-11:15 Uhr, I will give a talk on Art Mediation and other Knowledge Transfers at documenta. 
Find the whole program here. 

About the conference: “Is art conducive to our epistemic goals (truth, knowledge, understanding) and if so, how? These questions and various answers to them are widely discussed in philosophical aesthetics. However, too little attention is paid in these discussions to the fact that different responses to these questions have consequences for the cultural practices of art education, art mediation and art curating. This conference will give philosophers, art educators and curators the opportunity for a scholarly exchange concerning the topic “art and knowledge.”” More: https://www.jochenbriesen.net/conferences  

Call for Projects, @Kreuzberg Pavillon Berlin.


Foto: Gila Kolb

Gesucht: 2 Projekte zu KUNST, BILDUNG & FORSCHUNG: queering TASTE. Budget: 4000 Euro. Einsendungen bis 8. Juli. @District Berlin und Kreuzberg Pavillon* /
Wanted: 2 Projects on ART, EDUCATION & RESEARCH: queering TASTE @District Berlin and Kreuzberg Pavillon*

See: http://www.district-berlin.com/detail_full.php?categorie_id=19&article_id=215 http://www.district-berlin.com/detail_full.php?categorie_id=19&article_id=215&lang=en https://www.facebook.com/events/1398965957100034/