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The Art Educator’s Talk –LIVE #1 (analog set), May 3rd, Kassel

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The Art Educator’s Talk – LIVE #1 (analog set)
Tokonoma, Tuesday May 3rd 8pm // Frankfurter Straße 58, 34117 Kassel
How would you describe your understanding of art education? In which context are you working as an art educator? Why mediate (contemporary) art? How important is art education and mediation for a museum / an institution? How do you cow conceive a public program for a biennial?
These are only a few questions we’d like to discuss with María Acaso (Pédagogias Invisibles, Madrid), Konstanze Schütze (agency art education, store contemporary, Berlin & Dresden), Jordi Ferreiro (MACBA Barcelona) and Gila Kolb (The Art Educator’s Talk) and maybe some special guests. The Art Educator’s Talk is a trilingual blog on art education. With this live-talk, we would like to address art educators who are looking for inspiration and exchange between colleagues, students who are interested in getting more information about the profession of an art lecturer, artists and curators who want to learn more about mediating art, academics and  YOU.
The talk will be held in english language.
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The notion of a shift: e.g. Madrid. 3: spaces

During our visit in Madrid, we went to see cultural spaces, such as the Prado Media lab – Javier Laporta was so kind to show us around. This Media Lab is a space for the public. Therefore, the Public is not considered as such, but as “users”. In the basement, there is a fablab, the ground floor provides space to meet, work & exhibit, at second floor is an auditorium to be found- together with three spaces for residencies. (Which I wonder who´s going to be there for the next year…) There are a lot of groups meeting and developing ideas within the space. The only condition is, that the projects have to have some kind of common interest. I don´t know if they´d like to hear it, but from my view, it is like a huge laboratory for art education. (And: Don´t miss the staircase!)
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The notion of a shift, e.g. Madrid. Vol.1: ni arte, ni educatión

IMG_9683Last week, I had the chance to talk about “What´s Next? Art Education”, together with Torsten Meyer within the lecture series “PDF – un encuentro” by Maria Acaso. The program is part of an exhibition titled “ni arte, ni education” (Oct 30th – January 10th). We had an evening talking about the shift in art education, which is happening NOW. (Some tweets about the encuentro here)

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Exhibition “ni arte, ni educatión”

nini cabecera rrssOctober 30th, an exhibition with the title “ni arte, ni educatión” (neither art, nor education) will open its doors at Matadero, Madrid. The exhibition proposes different activities: it is about research,  the city, diversitydisobeying…it´s a contact zone between the two discourses: Art and education. It is incited by the collectives “pédagogicas invisibles” and “Grupo de pensamiento de Educación Disruptiva de Matadero Madrid (GED)“.There will be 21 projects realized in difference forms. If you happen to be in Madrid between October 30th 2015 and January 30th 2016: It´s a recommendation!
Torsten Meyer and me are going to have a talk there (PDF) with Maria Acaso on What´s Next? Art Education, december 11th, 7 pm.

Luis Camnitzer on “ni arte, ni educatión”:
” “Ni arte ni educación”, por lo tanto, no es aquí una declaración nihilista que proponga un desierto cultural unificado por la ignorancia. Es, en cambio, una declaración crítica del uso de ambas palabras pero que no niega ni una ni otra. Es una frase que denuncia la separación disciplinaria que obliga a fragmentar el conocimiento. Es una crítica que nos propone un desafío para que nos pongamos a generar sistemas de órdenes creativos y a hacerlo creativamente. Es una declaración que busca una palabra que todavía no existe. O, en su lugar, que trata de recargar y unificar las palabras ya conocidas y por ahora muertas por el mal uso. Es una frase que quiere facilitar la liberación de los individuos en tal forma que dentro de su individualidad se puedan definir como una unidad pensante y sensible, pero dentro del contexto del bien colectivo.”

Was brauchen wir? Oder: Was wollen wir? (Eine Tischrede)

Matthias Berthold: Anweisungen, 2005

Matthias Berthold: Anweisungen, 2005

Im Juli 2013 fand zur Museumsnacht in Dresden eine Tischgesellschaft vor dem Königspavillon am Hauptbahnhof statt. Die Frage des Abend war: “Was brauchen wir? Oder Was wollen wir?” 
Eingeladen hatten mich Konstanze Schütze und Nelly Pistorius. Leider konnte ich die Tischrede an diesem Tag nicht persönlich halten. Ich schickte sie per Mail nach Dresden. Hier nun die leicht überarbeitete Version.
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Expanding thought-collectives: Some conference thoughts

This weekend (17.07. – 18.07.2015), a conference on documenta exhibitions (1997-2017) took place in Kassel. Here are some notes from the conference. The conference was part of the documenta 60 years festivity program. Five documenta Exhibitions were partially presented and discussed. Each documenta had about 3 hours with their curator (Catrine David (d1), Okwui Enwezor (d11), Roger Buergel & Ruth Noack (d12), Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev (d13) and Adam Szymcyck (d14, upcoming)).
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#SAVE THE DATE: Why Biennial? Why Associate? Berlin, July 11th

“Die öffentliche Konferenz am 11. Juli 2014 bringt KünstlerInnen, KritikerInnen, KunsthistorikerInnen, KuratorInnen und Biennale-Verantwortliche zusammen, die im Hinblick auf periodische Kunstausstellungen für die Formulierung wichtiger Fragestellungen und Entwicklungen verantwortlich sind”.
Freitag, 11.7.14, 10-18 Uhr, 
Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW), Live-Stream: