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Q: Which books are important for your work – and why? a question from the interview in The Art Educator`s Talk, which I regularly ask. Some time ago, I was asked by a colleague the same question and I compiled a list of books that I would recommend in workshops or seminars on art education. The list, even though it was created almost a year ago, is still up to date – on the one hand. And on the other, I can think of so many titles that I have rediscovered during this time between compiling the list and today – above all the wonderful little booklet “Teaching for people who prefer not to teach“. Is this a final list of recommended literature? Certainly not. Maybe you can add to it? Nevertheless, I believe that it contains useful titles for not to teach to such an extent. See for yourself- and have fun with browsing!
Kassel and Berne, January 2018.
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