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Book Launch: What’s Next? Art Education #Savethedates


Layout: Annemarie Hahn; Foto: Gila Kolb

 Starting with a lecture in Cologne at  April 22rd, 18:30 @mbr, Gronewaldstr. 2, there will be a series of book launches for What’s Next? Art Education. Each of them will be different in terms of format, space and appearance of the authors.

The series opens in Cologne with Raphael Di Canio, Jane Eschment, Annemarie Hahn, Robert Hausmann, Nikolas Klemme, Gesa Krebber, Konstanze Schütze (authors) and Torsten Meyer & Gila Kolb (editors). Register here; entry is free, apéro is included. On April 28th at 20:00 a panel discussion @tokonomaApartment, Frankfurterstr. 58, will take part in Kassel, followed by Zürich (June 3rd).
Events in Berlin, Madrid and Helsinki are on the drawing board..- stay tuned!