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The notion of a shift: e.g. Madrid. 4: María Acaso

IMG_9907María Acasos “La educatión artística no son manualidades. Nuevas prácticas en la enseñanza de las artes y la cultura visual.” (2009/2014) is not yet available in english. I thought I’d give a small insight – for those who do not read spanish, might geht an idea of it. It is demanding for me to write about a spanish publication in english. Sorry for every misreading/miswriting in advance. A text by María Acaso on artEducation in english  is published in “What’s next? Art Education“. And here´s an interview on “The Art Educator’s Talk”  in German & Spanish. María Acaso is currently working at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, she is part of the group pedagogías invisibles (amongst many other things); here you find more about her work.
Now, let´s read:
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The notion of a shift: e.g. Madrid. 3: spaces

During our visit in Madrid, we went to see cultural spaces, such as the Prado Media lab – Javier Laporta was so kind to show us around. This Media Lab is a space for the public. Therefore, the Public is not considered as such, but as “users”. In the basement, there is a fablab, the ground floor provides space to meet, work & exhibit, at second floor is an auditorium to be found- together with three spaces for residencies. (Which I wonder who´s going to be there for the next year…) There are a lot of groups meeting and developing ideas within the space. The only condition is, that the projects have to have some kind of common interest. I don´t know if they´d like to hear it, but from my view, it is like a huge laboratory for art education. (And: Don´t miss the staircase!)
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The notion of a shift: e.g. Madrid. 2: sharing

When art educators meet and discuss, sharing is an important part: Which books had you been reading recently? Whose projects, which ideas do you like/dislike?
Maria Acaso and I prepared for “PDF- und encuentro” some book titles we both found important for our work and the idea of a change. These are the titles:12316311_1252315024795204_2366142768579930190_n

*Contradecirse una misma. Museos y mediación educativa crítica. Experiencias desde las educadoras de la documenta 12. (Anahí Macaroff / Alejandro Cevallos (Eds.)), 2015. (In english)
The fellow reader #1: On Boycott, Censorship and Educational Practices. (Renata Cervetto, de Appel arts centre), 2015
Curating and the Educational Turn. (Paul O’Neill / Mick Wilson (Eds.), de Appel arts centre & Open editions, 2010.
Education. (Felicity Allen, Editor) Whitechapel: Documents of Contemporary Art, 2011.

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The notion of a shift, e.g. Madrid. Vol.1: ni arte, ni educatión

IMG_9683Last week, I had the chance to talk about “What´s Next? Art Education”, together with Torsten Meyer within the lecture series “PDF – un encuentro” by Maria Acaso. The program is part of an exhibition titled “ni arte, ni education” (Oct 30th – January 10th). We had an evening talking about the shift in art education, which is happening NOW. (Some tweets about the encuentro here)

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