The notion of a shift, e.g. Madrid. Vol.1: ni arte, ni educatión

IMG_9683Last week, I had the chance to talk about “What´s Next? Art Education”, together with Torsten Meyer within the lecture series “PDF – un encuentro” by Maria Acaso. The program is part of an exhibition titled “ni arte, ni education” (Oct 30th – January 10th). We had an evening talking about the shift in art education, which is happening NOW. (Some tweets about the encuentro here)

the exhibition / the working space
IMG_9695Not Art, not education is: an exhibition, a public program, a laboratory, an atelier, a working space. And many more things. The exhibition was curated by “Educación Disruptiva. Grupo de Pensamiento de Matadero Madrid”. It is happening in two halls, that formerly were part of abattoirs and is now a respectable, actually a showcase cultural centre: Matadero Madrid. The two halls are divided: One room is more likely to be used as a room for activities. The walls can be inscribed with chalk, there are books (mainly on art education), chairs, a hammock, tables, gymnastic balls.
The other hall hosts several works, by e.g. la agencia, meCHive, núbol, Jordi Ferreiro.

La agencia from Colombia asked these questions: What do you want to learn? And: What do you want to teach? Here are some answers. My favorites: What do you want to learn? – Everything. With you (todo. contigo) / What do you want to teach? – To not be afraid. (a no tener miedo)
Check the weekly program!There are at least one, if not activites day by day.

It actually is not art, not education. But it is a festival of current artistic and educational projects.

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Clara Megías explains the research on teaching/learning art by the collective núbol.

Clara Megías explains the research on teaching/learning art (la brecha) by the collective núbol.

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