The notion of a shift: e.g. Madrid. 3: spaces

During our visit in Madrid, we went to see cultural spaces, such as the Prado Media lab – Javier Laporta was so kind to show us around. This Media Lab is a space for the public. Therefore, the Public is not considered as such, but as “users”. In the basement, there is a fablab, the ground floor provides space to meet, work & exhibit, at second floor is an auditorium to be found- together with three spaces for residencies. (Which I wonder who´s going to be there for the next year…) There are a lot of groups meeting and developing ideas within the space. The only condition is, that the projects have to have some kind of common interest. I don´t know if they´d like to hear it, but from my view, it is like a huge laboratory for art education. (And: Don´t miss the staircase!)

Matadero Madrid is a cultural centre. It is a huge areal where many institutions have their home. Like Intermediae, which “advocates, within an artistic and cutlural context, an action model based on critical dialogue and self-criticism. It takes on a perspective of equality and transparency with the public.” There are a lot of possibilities to see, listen & to experience something, but even more to participate. To program something. There are residencies. And a bike rental. What strikes me the most, is that the spaces were renovated wisely: the spaces can be used for a whole range of activities (like los madriles) – without loosing the spirit of an old industrial complex – and they are in a constant use (whenever we went, there were people meeting, working, … just there)

Esta es una plaza was an abandoned space. 20 Years ago (the place celebrated its birthday last weekend) som neighbors decided to use the space. And now it is a place for plants, gardening, fixing bikes etc.. (see ho it grew)

La casa encendida is a cultural centre. Beyond Exhibitions, there is a library, several courses and activities for families, lectures and an amazing roof garden.

Prado Media Lab
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Matadero Madrid
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Esta es una plaza
IMG_9843 IMG_9844 IMG_9845

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