Talk series “MELTING SPACES. When restrictions become options”

Talk seriesMELTING SPACES: When restrictions become options”, a project by Institut Ramon Lull & Goethe Institut Barcelona. Curated & hosted by Aina Tur & Gila Kolb.
💗 WE LOVE DIGITALITY. DOES DIGITALITY LOVE US BACK? A talk about chances and Difficulties in Cultural Fields. Guests: Martina Leeker, Judit Carrera & Mónica Rikić. March 16th, 5 pm. Register here.
🤝 LET’S DEAL WITH IT! (Part 1) A talk about the digital transformation of performing arts. Guests: Fefa Noia, Konstanze Schütze, Alla Popp & Laia Durán. April 20th, 5 pm. 
🌆 LET’S DEAL WITH IT! (Part 2) A talk about the public space as a cultural stage. Guests: Anna Giribet, Kathrin Tidemann & Alina Stockinger. May 18th, 5pm. 

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